TPE injection molding

As a China mold company,, founded in 1996, a solely owned china mold manufacturer in Ningbo China, specialized in various precision plastic mold. TPE mold integrated our service for the industry from the customer’s idea/invention, product design, mockup samples, mechanical drawing, mold making, up to the finished products, with total quality control covered full ranges of processes. With a strong work team and good experience in the precision plastic mould, TPE injection molding has good ability in the custom construction of injection molding and 2-shot molding combines two plastic materials injected into the mould to form a single part with two visible colors (double injection molding).

Besides, insert metal, aluminum, glass into plastic (insert molding), over-molding a soft material TPE/TPR/TPU on the rigid plastic resin (over-molding) also the professional field of TPE injection molding. Our customers include China area, Taiwan, Japan, North America, Oceania, the Middle East, and Europe for the plastic manual and electronic tools, electronic plastic part, telephone set, remote controller, PVC pipe, acrylic decorate items, gardening ware and textile machine parts, etc.; especially we have good experience in high-quality medical plastic part and automobile plastic part. TPE injection molding company always insists on using imported steel, with the mounting process under precision gauges, our moulds are guaranteed to have long-lasting durability and capable to shorten the production time. To enhance the capacity of the mould, to save customer’s cost, TPE molding company, a reasonable and reliable manufacturer.