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Die Casting Process

There are many type of die casting process that you can use to make die casting parts and metal casting parts, below is some of die csating process for your reference. Investment Casting Investment casting, here we often called lost wax casting, is regarded as a precision casting process to fabricate near-net-shaped metal parts from almost […]

Die Casting Manufacturer

Like many employees of companies in the processing and manufacturing aluminium industry we too had to witness the loss of time and money due to the difficulty of finding qualified personnel or suppliers who possessed the know- how to quickly provide accurate answers to concrete questions. This fact led to the idea of a branch […]

Metal Die Casting and Metal Foundries

Is Metal Casting the “Most Fundamental” Industry? On the North American Die Casting Association’s website, the association says that metal die casting is America’s most fundamental industry. Is this true? Should you take a metalworking association’s word for that kind of statement? I think it’s impossible to evaluate one sector of the economy as “most […]

Kunststoff Spritzguss

Kunststoff Spritzguss & Kunststoff Form Wir sind ein mittelständisches und inhabergeführtes Unternehmen, das seit 1988 erfolgreich im Sektor Kunststoff Form &  Kunststoff Spritzguss/ Metall-Verbindungen und Zwei-Komponenten-Spritzgießen tätig ist. Unser Know-how sind innovative, integrierte Problemlösungen ‚aus einer Hand’, die unsere Kunden in der Automobilindustrie, Elektronik, Medizintechnik, Maschinenbauindustrie und anderen Branchen ein Höchstmaß an Präzision und Qualität garantieren. […]

Aluminum Patio Furniture

There are two kinds of aluminum patio furniture- cushioned and non-cushioned. There are available designs which do not need to have cushions to feel comfortable when seated on. However, if your outdoor furniture needs cushioning, it is imperative that you select the right outdoor cushions. Since they will be exposed to extreme sunlight and moisture […]

When to Use Die Casting

Metal Casters have the luxury of choosing between several casting methods to accomplish their goals. Often times the metal caster chooses one method and sticks with it for several years until need directs him to another. Of course, there are those adventurous few who like to sample each casting method to find the best fit. […]

Metal Casting

Charlie Chan arrives in Shanghai at the behest of the U.S. government to help stop an opium smuggling ring. He receives a warning aboard ship not to stop in Shanghai. He is met by his Number One Son, Lee Chan, as well as Philip Nash and his fiance, Diana Woodland. Charlie is the guest of […]