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Die Casting Process

When molten metal is forced-pressed extremely to form mold cavities, this process is known as die casting. The process is usually used to make different desired shapes out of hardened metal and alloy. Anyway, during these times,  a substitute for these kinds of parts has slowly changed these metal due to lower costs and lightweight. […]

Aluminum die casting China

CN Manufacture tech (CNM Tech) has been the top Aluminum Die Casting China manufacturer Company in Dong Guan, China, for over 20 years. Since the company is equipped with high tech facilities, mold designers and professional engineers, we are able to manufacture and export different types die Castings such as aluminium die casting, magnesium die casting, Zinc die casting, […]

TPE injection molding

As a China mold company, kingaluminum.com, founded in 1996, a solely owned china mold manufacturer in Ningbo China, specialized in various precision plastic mold. TPE mold integrated our service for the industry from the customer’s idea/invention, product design, mockup samples, mechanical drawing, mold making, up to the finished products, with total quality control covered full […]


Both new and old customers at home and abroad are welcomed to visit our company! We are the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of TPE Mat which is a kind of eco-friendly mat. The mate with TPE material is comfortable and non-slippery. We can offer top quality mat series products depending on the strength equipment and production […]

Die Casting Parts Review

Pinless tag clip- zinc die casting parts Zinc: ZA-8 Weight: 0.35 oz Miniature  zinc 100,000 parts in 4 weeks Power conditioning module chases – aluminum die casting parts Aluminum: 380 Weight: 2..3lbs ̴12”ꭗ12” (30ꭗ30 cm) Die built in 8 weeks Replace machined component Significant cost savings Steering knuckles Performance Passed 1.4g cornering load at 130,000 […]

Design for Die casting manufacturing

Design guideline Similar to injection moulding. Consider die casting when the inserted part does not have sufficient strength. Wall thickness function of alloy (typ 1.0 – 3mm). can go up to 10mm (will be permeable –a power not proportional to the wall) Ribs 80% wall thickness shrinkage less of an issue. Cooling time proportional to […]

Aluminum Die Casting: Get Feeling And Quality With Die Casting

Die casting has become increasingly important in industries where precision is a concern. While providing customers with complete products, this process has become a major option for users. The arrival of large manufacturing and industrial units has improved productivity and performance. This method is used to shape and produce the product with the perfect finish. […]

Die Casting Process

There are many type of die casting process that you can use to make die casting parts and metal casting parts, below is some of die csating process for your reference. Investment Casting Investment casting, here we often called lost wax casting, is regarded as a precision casting process to fabricate near-net-shaped metal parts from almost […]

Die Casting Manufacturer

Like many employees of companies in the processing and manufacturing aluminium industry we too had to witness the loss of time and money due to the difficulty of finding qualified personnel or suppliers who possessed the know- how to quickly provide accurate answers to concrete questions. This fact led to the idea of a branch […]

Metal Die Casting and Metal Foundries

Is Metal Casting the “Most Fundamental” Industry? On the North American Die Casting Association’s website, the association says that metal die casting is America’s most fundamental industry. Is this true? Should you take a metalworking association’s word for that kind of statement? I think it’s impossible to evaluate one sector of the economy as “most […]